About Tiffani…

Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by. This is my first journey into blogging as I am not a very public person, so forgive me if you sense the rigidity in my postings, but I promise to make it good for you. This spilling my guts things is kind of new.

I am, as you can clearly see, a buxom adult companion, well educated, well-rounded, and open-minded, as I would hope you will see soon in my postings here and around the web.

What I hope you get from my musings is my attempt to help you enjoy life, and to explore your most honest selves in my company. Call me your ‘go-to girl’ of sorts when you’re in Dallas, and looking to explore the city with a hot young lady on your arm.

I am into the arts, and have VIP Season Passes to most venues in town.  If you’re into Dallas area sports, I also have Season tickets to the Cowboys and Mavericks. I have great connections in other cities as well, so let me know what you have in mind. The more I post, I will clue you in to my interests, and things that move me, and I hope you will be intrigued enough to contact me.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you here again soon.

Tiffani Jameson

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