I can’t be your pimp.

Things are bad. Ladies are hurting. Where do they turn? You guessed it, the adult industry. The streets are flooded with wannabe strippers, cam girls, and prossies. They often ask for help on the boards and it’s OBVIOUS that they haven’t done anything but take a few cute pics and put up an ad. Very few people realize that anything worth doing well is worth studying. What are the requirements of the job? First, you have to be internet savvy.  If you can’t spell, type, open an email, you’re off to a bad start. REAL bad. Secondly, you have to have a modicum of business skills. If you don’t know who your target audience is, or how to reach them, you’re still not out of the gate. You can say ALL day in your ads that you’re upscale, and you may VERY WELL look like a model, but if you offer $50 BnG’s, don’t have at least an intermediate grasp of the English language, where you have to keep asking people if they know what you’re saying, you’re not fooling anyone.

Well, what should you do? Starve to death? NO. You should use your downtime to educate yourself. Yes, you have to educate yourself to be a hooktard. Who knew? I know, you thought cause you were pretty things would work out better, but you didn’t anticipate the other pretty girls who also know how to do their jobs, did you?

I can’t be your marketing manager, scheduler, screener, and image consultant. If I started charging bitches for my services, what would that make me?


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6 responses to “I can’t be your pimp.

  1. Joey

    LOL, that pimp Slick is so friggin funny.

    I totally agree, this requires quite a bit of skill. The internet has upped the requirements of the industry (as if I know, I wasn’t around before the internet anyway LOL).

    I can very well say that I do ‘data entry’, proof reading, and am an organizer without actually lying. I just spent the better part of an afternoon getting my site and emails in order. At the end of the day it can feel like you’re working for free if no one has showed up.

  2. What a timely post for me! In fact, I just wrote something relatively similar a few days back.

    For whatever reason, people seem to think that all we do is post a phone number, a few pictures and shazam … the phone is going to ring off the hook!

    While that may well be the case for some, it certainly wasn’t like that for me. In fact, I didn’t have any pictures when I started.

    The information that is needed to become successful, long term, just isn’t available by osmosis. One has to study, read, study some more (it never really ends) and garner information in any shape possible from others.

    I could rattle on and on … but just wanted you to know that I liked your topic!


  3. Oh, and do you know what else is driving me nuts? When these “good hearted” type of guys feel the need to tutor and introduce a clueless lady to “this” just because she’s short of funds or really needs an income stream.

    Don’t these people realize that this type of work just isn’t for most? It’s HARD out there. TOO many women are hanging up their shingle and it’s not a good idea for them at all. Not emotionally, at least.

    I’m sure that you know what I mean, don’t you? Smile.

    It’s just Elisabeth again!

    • Oh yes, baby! I love it! I pretend to jump on the bandwagon every time just to make them aware of how stupid you’d have to be to enlist them for help. It isn’t something you should consider if you’re just desperate.

      Thanks for reading, Lis!

  4. Thank you, Jordan! I appreciate your readership and friendship.


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