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On Culture and Class…

I’m an African American woman.

My body is naturally thick and muscular. My nose has a unique but complimentary shape.

I didn’t have a child as a minor.

I am not quick to anger, and I think before I speak or act.

I was in the top 25% of both my high school and college graduating classes. BOTH times.

The way my body moves when I walk, dance or make love has been described as the eighth wonder. Not many cultures move the way Black women do.

I believe that people are just people, and every culture has their good and bad. And it’s the SAME good and bad because we’re all human. No one culture isn’t susceptible to a form of negative behavior. This is what makes stereotyping certain behaviors with certain cultures so wrong. A gentleman mentioned that in his observations, he judged women by cultures based on the way they danced. He noticed in some cultures, namely African cultures, our dance was based on raw vulgarity, and not skill while other races were just classy. In studying other cultures, dance was not an indication of classiness. Every race on earth has killed their own kind, has their poor, stupid, and criminals. So in these modern post-Civil Rights era times, why are we still categorizing negative HUMAN behavior with normal Black people behavior?



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Giving you the “T”

Oh goodness, how long has it been?

I have missed you dearly, but you know me. Priorities, priorities. So let me catch you up on what’s been going down:

Graduation! Yes, honey. I am officially a holder of two degrees. I’m fluent in Spanish, conversational in French AND Chinese, so I welcome anyone who wants to help me become more fluent. This means an incredible advancement in my career outside of companionship in the  near (but not too near) future, and a significant decrease in my availability. In the mean time, I should be able to put a bit more emphasis on being available now that school is behind me.

For those of you who have sent graduation gifts, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Website updates! Well, not visible now. But you will notice a few changes. I hadn’t realized how long since I had updated the content of my site! I’ve changed my rates to reflect the level of service you should expect from me, and new, wonderful  pictures will grace every page. You will get better from me.

Social me. You know I’m very personal. And despite being quite the bag o’ fun, I don’t think I come across that way because I keep it all to myself. My limited writing skills has kept this blog from being as fun as I am, so I’m changing my Modus Operandi. I’ve met some wonderful writers, and I can now feel comfortable blogging and sharing without feeling that I’m exposing us. Of course our business is our business, so think of my social outlets as just highlight reels of my life. You should never be able to pick yourself out in my posts. You have my guarantee that:

* I will never post a date or exact location of our meeting.

* I will never mention your physical features, or your occupation.

* I will never post a picture that may give an indication of our date, location, or physical appearance.

On that note, look for links to my Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and all that good stuff when I have it ready for you. I’m so excited about the changes I’m more than ready to meet you for an excursion anywhere in the world.

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Schooool’s Out For Su-mmer! LOL!


Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. This semester was challenging, and in order for me not to be half-assed about school AND my other priorities, my availability has greatly suffered. But no more! Now that I’m officially an A student, and I will NOT be going to summer school, I am really home free guys. More travel, both around the Dallas area and far-off destinations is on the horizon for the next couple of months. I would love it if we meet!

I really want to cut loose, so if anyone wants to take me partying, on a trip, or give me treats for being such a good girl, I’ll show you my report card. I’m not ashamed to say I really deserve it. And those of you that know me well enough to know how I multitask, I look forward to seeing you soon!

I’m going to take a couple of weeks to stay at home and de-stress first and make plans, so I welcome any input that may influence my plans. You know where the happenin’s are? Let me know! I am soo out of touch these days. In the meantime, if you’re visiting Dallas, or the surrounding area, my wonderfully underused Incall is available. Feel free to reach out in touch me, in the worst way!

Kiss kiss!


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Hello again, everyone. Since this is the beginning of my blogging adventure, I hope it is always evident that I only seek to enlighten and encourage free thought amongst my peers and admirers.

I’m a Southern American lady from very humble beginnings. I’m not descended from anyone important or rich. I have an education from a good school which my parents didn’t have to pay for since I was SOO damn smart. The wonderful things I’ve experienced in life wasn’t payed for from a trust fund.

What I’ve noticed about our wonderful world is that these are the things that matter to most people. What you come from tells people how they should treat you. If they should treat you at all. But we all start somewhere, right? Even the forefathers of some of the wealthiest and well-known families started from nothing. And very few of those families’ subsequent generations have done much to build on them. As with most families, their ancestor’s notoriety served as a catalyst for their own notoriety.

But what about those of us who blaze our own paths in life? Those of us who are the firsts in our families? Especially in the sense of us companions. Do I HAVE to be some part European or educated in Europe or lived in Europe or raised by people who have European values to have value? Is my worth capped because of my family’s station in life?

My mission is to change the standard way of thinking. In my entire time as a companion, I have prided myself on not being an elitist, as more money never makes for a better date. The only thing I require of my gentlemen callers is understanding, respect and an open mind. I can’t change what attracts you to a lady physically. And if it’s not my skin color or my petite curvy womanly frame, more power to you. But once you’re past my outer beauty and in my company, I would hope that your mind is open enough to see that pedigree isn’t everything.

Here’s to a wonderful life filled with interesting people, beautiful experiences, and mind-opening lessons for us all.

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Mozart awaits…

I have always enjoyed Classical music. And it’s true what they say about it enhancing thought. I studied to it in college, plays softly in the background during meetings at work, and Tchaikovsky can be quite romantic. This year I’ve bought 2010-11 Season tickets, and I’m excited about what’s in store. Lots of Brahms…awesome!

Next week it’s Mozart’s Serenade No.10 with a disarmingly charming gentleman I’ve been conversing with for some time now. He loves Cole Porter songs, literature, and busty Black girls with dimples (go figure!). It’s going to be a weekend full of great food, great concerts, and great company.

The new season starts in September if anyone would like to accompany me. I’m glad to share my Dallas Symphony Orchestra tickets with like-minded lovers of the Arts-and lovers of  large-chested Black women alike.

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Getting Better…

My social life, as I call it, is requiring a level of marketing I’m not used to. More of a subtle ‘pushing’ rather than the hard nose facts. I’ve never had to market myself, really. And it’s bad that I never really gave it much thought before December. I didn’t participate ANYWHERE, didn’t place ads, or even pay for advertising. Everything that has happened to me is due to no special methods of my own, and for that I feel quite lucky. The experiences I’ve had and the people I have met over the last five years have been phenomenal to say the least. Who’s to say what will happen if I put my best foot forward? I’m HIGHLY optimistic.

I am very humble, quiet, intelligent, a people person, and to the contrary, a bit of a hermit. All of my life I have had my nose to the grindstone in one way or another and if I’m recognized it’s by my efforts alone. (I will talk about this more) Though I am a college graduate and somewhat a nerd, I consider myself a social scholar. I feel if we’re not learning about human kind, we’re only learning half the story. I’m a Gemini, so I adjust to my surroundings, and I’ve had the pleasure of surprising more than a few with my abilities- even myself!

I explain this, because one thing I’ve noticed in blogs like these, by women like me, they tend to sound like pomp if they aren’t, and don’t lend much to reality of most situations in our arena. I want those reading my words to understand that with this post and in those subsequent that I am humbled by my fortune in life, how grand or mediocre that may be to you, and I could only be so fortunate to be graced in some way by your being, and you by mine.

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