Happy Birthday to me!

I just wanted to say thank you for all of you who came to see me, partied with me, and for the gifts during my birthday week. I am still catching my breath from all the fun! For those of you that missed out, it’s your loss.

I am officially a 35 year old WOMAN, looking good, living good, loving good, and feeling good! I can sincerely say looking back that my life is not the way I planned it. It’s BETTER! I can say I have no regrets, and everyone in my life (yes, even this one) has enhanced who I am and how I think in a positive way. I will continue to grow having experienced your being.

I look forward to more growth, wealth of spirit, and more graceful aging!                                                                                                                               


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4 responses to “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. SR Only

    Happy Birthday Babe!!!

  2. A happy belated birthday! And it will only get better. 🙂 (Well, at least for a few years . . .)

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