Quote of the Week

“An honorable vampire, isn’t that a contradiction?”

“No more than an intelligent whore, but here we are.”

-Pam and Eric, True Blood


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5 responses to “Quote of the Week

  1. SD Guy

    Truer words were never spoken – and this season is turning out great! I am really enjoying Pam and Eric’s backstory, as Pam has been one of my favorite characters from the start. Hell, pretty much all of them have been my favorites from the start. But it is nice to see her get some screen time.

  2. You read my mind! I was just going to post about this, though more of a criticism than compliment. But still, I absolutely adore Pam and Eric.

    • I don’t think it’s a compliment, nor do I think it’s a criticism. I think it’s been an age-old observation of ladies in this arena. Not only because we couldn’t appear intelligent in ALL cultures, but honestly, it rings true. In some societies, it was required of a lady to be learned to be in this industry, but you’ve got to admit that some of us ladies are not the best representatives for sex workers in general. And thank goodness no one person can. Of course, I would love to hear your thoughts, sexy lady…


      • Oh of course. We’ve talked ourselves blue in the face about that. LOL! Eric’s statement is more ambiguous, can be interpreted a variety of ways. That said, following typical “old vampire” tropes, he would have been at the center of action during the Renaissance eras if for no other reason than such a busy area is a buffet for a vampire. So he would have been well-aware of the learned courtesans of those eras.

        But Pam’s lines about her life I think are more out of character. Especially as a madam on the West Coast during that time period, many towns (especially in California) had madams as one of the primary founders/financiers and she would have known that. Even some small-time madams were successful to the end of their days. I think I would have had a better reaction if she had instead stated something like, “Yes, I’m successful now but all it takes is one disgruntled, politically powerful man to completely destroy my life”, which was and is very true. But what her lines were implying is that the only end for a woman like her was one of disgrace.

        Anyway, I’m excited for this new “family” dynamic between Eric, Pam, and Tara. HA!

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