Your happiness or mine?

Why not both?

I read a statement from a gentleman concerning the money he pays a companion. The money goes toward his happiness, not hers. He doesn’t pay her more money to put a smile on her face. But my argument is, unless you’re slightly masochistic, how can she make you happy without a smile on her face? I’m not endorsing paying a woman more than what you’re willing, but negotiating usually isn’t the best way of getting the best out of a lady.

Whatever a lady’s price tag, it makes her happy. What you have to ascertain is if she can make you happy for the price.


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6 responses to “Your happiness or mine?

  1. How timely your post. I just met with a woman who is a semi-pro/sugarbaby. We had a really nice time chatting touching kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. We both climaxed (different times) but we just had a nice time smiling and talking. I also put a gift in her purse. I could not imagine not making my partner happy regardless of whether there is compensation or not.

    • That’s ideally the way it’s supposed to work. We would be able to spend time with you and not worry about the gift, because all men are generous creatures. But sadly there has to be a price tag.

      The comment derived from a conversation about a woman’s rates (naturally), and why anyone would pay 400 instead of 300. A remarkably smart lady replied, ‘to make her happy, of course. Giving a lady what she wants always makes her happy. And you too.’

  2. Very true, Tiff. It’s funny how some gentlemen don’t realize that by investing in their own happiness automatically turns into them investing in ours…

    • Hey Elle!

      I guess it goes to the urban myth that we’re all miserable being companions. But we’re like any other business owner. If we cleaned carpets all day, sure it’s hard work, but it’s rewarding. But if every time you met a new client, and he was asking you to match the guy who cleans carpet for half the price, even though your customer service is better and you actually let the client move furniture (excuse the metaphor. Got my carpets cleaned yesterday.LOL) it would hurt your feelings.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Pleasure begets pleasure. It’s the pleasure principle. Very simple, very enjoyable. I am actually planning a post somewhat along the same lines about pleasure exchanges between client and provider.

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