Personal Investments with surprising Return on Value



Yes, that’s me on the top. When you consider the things we spend our money on, both the tangible and intangible is considered. Yes, you can buy that ’62 Ferrari LM and have the prettiest thing, sitting, and not serving its purpose. Or you can opt to spend a few moments with me. While our intrinsic value is no where near the same (mine is actually higher ROFL. I’ll share my formula for coming up with this shortly) we bring you a different set of joys. And of course, this depends on the way you value people vs. things.

As a fledgling investor, I understand there is a difference between short term and long term investment strategies.  To a gent that understands the limited happiness material things bring, he seeks out quality people in every endeavor, for the short term and long term. He does his research and weighs the risk against his tolerance and needs.

As a companion, you hope that you’re meeting gents that recognize your  desire to eliminate the potential risk to their real assets. And while it can be argued that your rendezvous with a Companion is a short term investment with a set value for the goal, the intrinsic value of meeting with someone that not only enhances your long term investments, but satiates your short term needs without regret, is priceless.

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