Just the way I am…

This quarter holds lots of changes for me. With my recent announcement of impending incall availability, I know that I will have to drastically change my thinking on this industry. More advertising, more availability, new friends, wow. That’s a lot to look forward to. Before this year, I have utilized my mailing list to secure my appointments and friends. And the few adverts I do have allows for my new traffic to flow more organically. My new clients are usually very respectful, and we approach things in a way where having a good time is guaranteed. By the time we’ve discovered shared interests, he’s usually wants to meet for dinner first. I like this way. So why are things changing?

There are just some things that this year is leading up to, and I can’t spill the beans just yet, but I definitely want to let the cat out of the bag that I offer a beyond normal, beyond wonderful experience. My incall is coming along just great. I can’t wait to entertain there.

I have also sought council with some intelligent full time ladies, and just in our conversations, I notice how we differ. Firstly, the concern with reviews. The obsession with the numbers, becoming the top providers in the city. If she got an 9 in performance, she’s striving for a 10 next time. She got an 8 in looks? She’s checking his review history to see what he considers a 10. Oh, and please give somebody a 10, Mr. Reviewer. Because if you don’t you’ve got issues, and she may not see you. Otherwise it’s off to the salon for new extensions and to the gym to work off that pooch.

Financial goals? For this? I never set any. But to hear someone speak of them, I sit and listen to them, it’s all too familiar. ‘Yeah, that sounds like work,’ I tell my new ambitious friend. Because I’ve always been part time, I never looked at it in this manner. ‘But it is work, Tiffani. And you’ve got to be on your shit.’ she says in the most serious tone. ‘There are projections, profit/loss statements, marketing strategies, the cost of your incall, reputation management, customer service, the whole gamut. Just like a real business.’ Holy crappers.

None of who I am will change. I have never over scheduled my time, and I won’t start. Home, family, now school will always take precedence in my life. I see meeting you as a reward for myself, and you. That’s why I’ll always do my best to make our time the best it can be. I have always valued quality over quantity and that will never change. Same day appointments made in the morning for the afternoon, or scheduling at night for the next day will be available to friends who are easily screened.  But I prioritize like a well-oiled machine, and our time together will be  a welcomed treat.


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4 responses to “Just the way I am…

  1. SR Only

    Dear Tiffani,

    I love your outlook and perspective! Good for you!

  2. Tiffani,

    1. I wish you the best of luck on the new changes for 2012! I think we should all aim for a better year. Fingers crossed!

    2. Well, you know how I feel about the review thing. Although, I have every faith that someday, someone will find a review template that won’t degrade and dehumanize the provider.

    3. Otherwise it’s off to the salon for new extensions and to the gym to work off that pooch.

    Ha! I call that the “Holiday Pocket” or my “Christmas pudding”.

    • Thank you Claudia!

      I don’t worry about the reviews because it lets us know who we’re meeting. You can tell a lot about a man in his writing style, or if he even reviews at all. Even in the purpose for writing. I see the good and the bad in them, and welcome them and their honesty.

      And girl, ain’t a damn thing wrong with a little pudding! LOL

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