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The ladies in your life.

We’re all women. Don’t you just love us?

No matter the nationality, age, experience, or status. And by status I mean the labels the men in our lives give us: Wife, Sugar Baby, Escort. Our main objective in life is the same: to establish security, safety and comfort. No matter who we are to you, you may as well leave your ‘wallet’ on the table.

We can’t help ourselves, we’re just cute. Our waking up this morning was not a ploy to ensnare you with our feminine wiles. Although there are some exceptions to this. What you feel for me when you see me sashay past you, all my assets moving like a symphony, when we make eye contact and exchange smiles, is nature. Just go with it. I don’t bite. Well, I don’t bite hard. Well I do, but just not all the time…

Yes, you all pay. Maybe for your ego’s sake you prefer to not see it that way, and would rather fancy yourself a stud. Your SugarBaby is young and doesn’t feel right when you buy her Coach bags. You have to make her let you pay her light bill. She’s a good girl. She doesn’t view what you’re doing as the same thing you do with all women: winning her affections. She’s different. And faithful. O_o But the minute she sees less of your money, you’ll be seeing less of her.

Your wife benefits both financially, and more importantly, emotionally from your commitment. Neither the Sugar Baby nor the Escort have this with you. Sometimes a wife may know you’re promiscuous. But as long as she knows you love her, and you operate with a MODICUM of respect, it can be worked out or overlooked. Sometimes, the minute you slip on either your financial or emotional commitment, you’ve got a separation or divorce on your hands.

You may be at the opposite end of the spectrum and would consider yourself a realist, and figure you’re overpaying regardless of the payout. When it comes to women you’d rather not make any commitments unless you can predict the outcome. You find solace in Escorts and Sugar Babies, and occasionally find someone you connect with. She gives you a little hope. She didn’t accept your invitation for dinner off the clock, so she’s just solidified your assessment of women.

Whatever form of currency you fork over in our securities exchange, whether it’s your money or your heart, should be rendered willingly, with the understanding that there’s no refunds or exchanges.

I’m not saying there aren’t treacherous bitches you should be looking out for, but I guarantee you they aren’t all escorts. Even if you run into an escort that just wants the money, at least she’s honest. Some of your wives are the biggest ‘hookers’ there are. Everything she did or said was a calculated step to get you to the alter. And please don’t think that young girl who can’t take you home to her mom, or otherwise have a life with you is so innocent. She enjoys that hunt as much as you do.

Remember fellas. You get out of a situation what you put into it. You seek to take advantage, please be prepared to be taken advantage of. Seeking out good people in life leads to good times. No matter what a woman’s label is, always find yourself being kind to her. You’ll be surprised at how far your currency gets you when you’re nice.


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August 14, 2013 · 1:10 AM

Communicating with the busy gent.

When a gentleman emails me with something like “are you available now?”, I understand why. Time is of the essence sometimes. Certain professionals don’t have the luxury of pre-scheduling an appointment. I don’t hold it against him, but I do let him know what makes me comfortable with conversing with him. A Letter of Interest is just what we need.

There are three things that comprise a Letter of Interest.

  1. An introduction that includes a name, age and physical description, and the reason pre-scheduling isn’t possible.
  2. Screening information.
  3. A general schedule; not a rundown of your whereabouts, but just a general glimpse into available pockets of time when we could meet.

Now it’s my job to ascertain if I’m the right Companion for him. I’m not one for short impersonal meetings, and just because he’s short on time that is not for me to assume he’s looking for. That theory has been proven wrong many times over the years. Sometimes all a gent needs is a little direction in communication, and a good time is had by all.

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