2012 Updates…

Hello everyone!

The new year has been great, and it holds even greater things for you and me.

First, I’ve started school again, pursuing a second degree. What does that mean, especially with my already hectic schedule? FREEDOM! LOL School is online, and with a major four-year university here in Texas, and being the nerd I am, I’m already done with the first four weeks of homework and assignments. Give me another month, and I’ll be as free as a bird aside from the mandatory online meetings.

Secondly, I’ll be working from home the rest of the year, so no need to be tied down to long work days. I’ll go in for meetings a couple times a week, but other than that, I’m GOOD.

Ok, this is what I’ve been building up to: Starting mid-February, I will be offering incall. YAAAY! Anyone who’s visited with me knows that your comfort is my passion. I’ll be in a beautiful location with wonderful amenities and atmosphere. I’ll be catering to those who have great tastes in food, music, libations, and who truly want to be entertained. High quality sheets, bedding, towels, and playthings will be at your disposal. And yes, I will definitely be moving some of my dungeon furniture out of storage. I can’t wait to entertain you.

1 Hour appointments will be available for gents who can easily be screened via the normal Verification services, and recent verifiable references. If you don’t have references, we can most definitely meet, but it will require a 1.5 hour minimum outcall, or a 2 hour meeting at other accommodations for incall.

Of course I will offer an Incall Incentive. So overall, more availability will mean more advertising, public pictures, and more of the things I enjoy about being a companion: meeting you.

I am THOROUGHLY excited. So now, back to work with me. I hope to see you soon!

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One response to “2012 Updates…

  1. joeybryantonline

    OOO, Look at Miss Thang doing big things!

    I really want to get back into school myself and actually thought I would be this semester, but alas I will have to wait til August. My school is still down in Florida, and although they too offer online courses which I did for quite a while (spent half of my AA on campus and the other half online). I’m 80% done do the next semester I go I’ll pretty much be done if I go full time LOL.

    Otherwise, you will love working from home! People claim it gets boring yadda yadda, but if you still go out about once a week to be social, you should be fine. That’s if there’s not someone else who is already assuring that LOL. Being single and working from home like me, well that’s a different story.

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