The P4P Party

I explained the concept of P4P being like a party to a friend of mine just recently in order to put things in perspective for her. She was having one of those moments where she wants to “appeal to gentlemen with discriminating tastes”. But trying to get her to understand that person can be anybody it just came out this way. Of course as people we can be judgmental, and we want to be associated with the best. But not every Rolex-wearing stud is your dream client. Be good to whomever is good to you. Just like in real life, when you walk into a party you’re either searching for where you belong, or you’re blazing your own path.

Let’s start with the men.

Jocks and jerks. You know, the ones wearing those reeaally tight shirts that show off their pectorals and drinking beer standing on their head. His understanding is he’s the prize. He’s got the money, and can make or break a lady’s career by writing a review on the men’s room wall. He can definitely get what he wants. When you walk in the room, they’re right by the door hounding you with “are you available now?” “do you  give review discounts?” “are you seriously asking me for screening information?” and “you got GPS, don’t you?” Of course you smile and keep walking, because there’s no real reason to be mean. Boys will be boys. Because sometimes, when you’re in line waiting on some bum bitch to stop sucking dick in the bathroom, one of these guys will come correct, and does what it takes to get your number.

The Cool guys. They’re  by the bar in a sports jacket with patches on the elbows, gesturing the bartender for another scotch and water. They talk about their investment portfolios, and current events, and have all the in’s in the market. He loves pulling out his P411 Card, making the ladies swoon. He’s got “standards” when it comes to his women. As long as they have a fresh pair of man made’s and bleach blonde hair. Or is a hot la-ti-na spinner. That’s who he’ll brag to his friends about. But secretly, he’s a bit more open-minded. But mum’s the word on that.

The Lurker. He’s the quiet one leaning against the wall. He doesn’t fit in with the jocks. They’re a bit too rowdy. Who wants to sit around holding their cocks talking about how he’d rather screw 10 Ratchet hoes for 100 bucks than give it to one chick at one time? Then he’s not one to discuss his business with anyone. He doesn’t need to justify his actions to the cool guys. He finds women of all size, ages, and races attractive. He doesn’t need their lectures on what class is. He’s observant, and doesn’t rely on the opinions of others to make decisions. He’s the guy who gently touches your hand as you pass him, introduces himself and asks to buy you a drink. You would gladly let him take you away from the party to get to know each other outside on the terrace. He’s so considerate! He listens (reads your website), and he puts his jacket around you if you’re cold, and asks you if you’re okay to drive when the party is over. Meeting him tonight made it worth it to come out.

Now for the ladies.

The Ratchets. They’re drunk, twerking in the middle of the dance floor in a short skirt and no drawers or romancing herself in the mirror on the wall, and giving BJ’s in the bathroom for chump change. This group is comprised equally of the young and dumb and the old fool. One by one they take the Jocks and Jerks into the bathrooms for BnG’s so he can write her name on the wall in the men’s room. She knows the more guys write her name on the wall the more guys will want her to ‘back it up’ on them and buy her drinks.

Sadiddy Bitches. They come in, and they’re eying the cool guys. They can smell the money wafting in the Hermes cologne.  They’re turning up their noses at the Ratchet girls on the dance floor. Not because they think they’re disgusting, but the fact that they are hogging the attention of all the guys, and they can’t do the splits and get the attention on themselves. So they resort to rubbing their new breasts on the arms of the Cool guys to get them buying drinks. Works like a charm. While he mentions the funds that he’s contributing to for his retirements, she mentions the Gerber life plan that’s matured  since she turned 21. Or she shows him the Gucci bag that she bought in lieu of paying the rent. He instantly wonders what self-depreciating act she would perform to get her rent payed.

The Smart and Classy. They walk in the party, and the Jocks, sensing her confidence and stability, simultaneously look at each other thinking “GPS”. But to their amazement, she greets them like the potential clients they are. She can actually carry on a decent conversation with the Cool guys about global markets, and buys a round of drinks for the guys. This sends mixed signals through the group. Some guys like the fact that she’s generous and smart. But she’s generally unimpressed with the stuff that normally sends a Sadiddy bitch to her knees. That leaves some unsure if they even have a chance. But she’s a sweetheart, and hints that she will treat him how he treats her.

Of course, this is an over generalization of personalities, and meant to be comical. But when trying to make changes in your Modus Operandi, it’s best to stay accessible. My advice to her was never to stereotype her clients, and  know there are exceptions to every rule. We both know men who could pay any rate, but choose to visit with ratchet hoes because of his thought process about his own needs, and the way he feels about paying over a certain price. I personally know gents who will only meet with me if we can take the most luxurious vacations together, so we meet only twice a year.

I welcome the open-minded, and do my best to not prejudge the type of company a man seeks. I understand it’s all about variety. As long as he does what it takes to meet me, and makes me comfortable with getting to know him, I treat everyone the same.


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5 responses to “The P4P Party

  1. honestpete

    lmao funny!
    Priceless. Thank you!

  2. massuse

    In my pre provider days, I was the girl who slipped around the side entrance of the bar and made my way to the back of the room where I could figure out where the best pool of prospects were. Then I would figure out who the easiest guy was to approach and ask him if he wanted to dance. (usually it was one of the plainer looking fellows who knew how to have fun without getting into too much trouble). Usually he is not so accustomed to having a nice, attractive girl approach him and he appreciates the opportunity to dance. These are the same guys who turn out to have the highest educations and fascinating careers. They are also the most financially solvent and make good companions. I have dated a brain surgeon and a submarine commander alone using this approach. As a provider, I take a similar approach and ignore the selfish all about me types in favor of the same intellectually stimulating and more trustworthy types. I sort of approach making the decision who to accept as a client as only accepting someone I feel I could trust to be alone with, as silly as that may sound.

    • You know, I like your style!
      Pre-provider, I was always some guy’s girlfriend, and was always the approached. But I still think your train of thought is still valid in the P4P world. There’s definitely more to it than putting up an ad and having no substance behind your profile.

      Thanks again for your readership!

  3. Girl, you are funny as hell. Truthful too! Thanks for the great laugh! I’m forever a fan.

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