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Communicating with the busy gent.

When a gentleman emails me with something like “are you available now?”, I understand why. Time is of the essence sometimes. Certain professionals don’t have the luxury of pre-scheduling an appointment. I don’t hold it against him, but I do let him know what makes me comfortable with conversing with him. A Letter of Interest is just what we need.

There are three things that comprise a Letter of Interest.

  1. An introduction that includes a name, age and physical description, and the reason pre-scheduling isn’t possible.
  2. Screening information.
  3. A general schedule; not a rundown of your whereabouts, but just a general glimpse into available pockets of time when we could meet.

Now it’s my job to ascertain if I’m the right Companion for him. I’m not one for short impersonal meetings, and just because he’s short on time that is not for me to assume he’s looking for. That theory has been proven wrong many times over the years. Sometimes all a gent needs is a little direction in communication, and a good time is had by all.


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