London called, and I answered!

Boy did I have fun!

The gents are amazing, and the ladies that support me during my trip there are phenomenal! Chelsea was beautiful and buzzing, and I loved every minute of it. Well, until I wanted to get the little rest that was bestowed upon me when I wasn’t being dragged to every corner of the city…

What did I do in London? Everything! I have officially got the town down. I was almost as comfortable traveling by tube or bus there than I am in my hometown. I’ve seen some unique shows, and unique artists, made some unique purchases (I just hope that I can put my 120V Hitachi to use again soon), and have met some unique souls that I will never forget.


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7 responses to “London called, and I answered!

  1. joeybryantblog

    girl, I am so ecstatic to hear that you were able to travel to London. For someone like myself, what are some things you could recommend to a solo traveling person…more specifically ESCORT, when going overseas. Did you at all have to deal with immigration while you were there and did you find it hard making purchases with debit/credit cards and phone usage? Also, was it expensive or about the same as other cities in America?

    • Sugarbritches!

      I’m so happy to hear from you! I had no problems at all; my bank is actually there, and there’s a payment solution I will email you about that I used that’s good ANYTIME you do business internationally where it converts your funds to the country you’re in. I really had a LOT of help on this trip due to business ties, and the phone thing is easy. They’re on every corner.

      As far as a single person traveling, do the normal information masking procedures; you and your persona should never share information, or have any linking information, and everything should go smoothly.

  2. Softly Sarah

    Hello Tiffani! I have been thinking about traveling to London. Tell me more! Where did you advertise? Were you busy? I really love London but I have never tried working there.

    Nice to make a new friend. 🙂

    xo Sarah

    • Oh honey, was I?

      The gents there are great! At first glance, their personas are a little salty on the internet, but in private they are sweetie pies. I was there almost a month, and this is one of the subjects I could double my post count in no time flat with all my adventures.

      I can email you some information if you like.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sarah!

  3. honestpete

    I just started to read your latest blogs & I can’t wait to read all your older blogs, too. You sound like a wonderful, optimistic, enthusiastic Lady to meet. Your first comment seem to indicate that London still has the old, red, phone booths on almost every corner. But more importantly, how is the cell phone reception in & around that great city? Please share with us or email me more information about this trip and any other trips you’ve been on. Love to know more about you, so, it’s on to read your blogs. Thank you for posting so much to your devoted fans! Stay Young and In Touch!

    • Thank you for your readership, darling!

      I spent the better part of a month in London, and my experiences were VAST. I couldn’t just sum up that entire trip in one post, so I didn’t try. I probably have about 15 posts that I did in that period of time, so in the process of organizing my blog category-wise I was unsure on how to release them all.

      The Arts in itself deserved it’s own category, oh and the FOOD! And the men… mm mm mm. They really know how to treat a lady. You don’t even have to ask me did I shop. I shipped a lot of things ahead so I didn’t have problems with customs.

      As far as phone reception goes, I have a Virgin prepaid phone, and it was alright. A few dropped calls, but other than that, it was to be expected because of the number of people in Central London at any given time.

      I promise, I’ll share more soon!

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