No-win situations.

Ok, mini-rant. Why would you choose between being 5th in line with a girl or being the first of the morning and, the SHOCKER, she’s not a morning person? How would you be in the morning after a day like that? Would it not occur that whatever criteria you’re using to pick your lady friends needs to be expanded?

See, this guy is shooting himself in the foot. Then they wonder why they develop such low opinions of working girls. It’s not about how the lady works per se, because there is a man okay with being number 5. Somewhere. But if you’re not, why would you constantly pursue women where this is a problem? Your reviews will suck, your thoughts won’t be positive, and you’ll just be another douche on the boards paying to have negative experiences.

Okay. Rant over.


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5 responses to “No-win situations.

  1. But, but, Tiffani….you can’t possibly be suggesting that they are responsible for the choices in their life. That’s everyone else’s problem!

    Dare I make a leap and assume this is probably the same type of guy who doesn’t like screening?

    • Darling, your powers of perception are undeniable!

      Not only am I suggesting it, but I’m saying that women should avoid them like the plague. Then they wonder why they get a review that picks them apart. It just baffles me how some guys make conscious decision to meet a woman who caters to every stereotype about working women.

      • That’s what they want to meet and they’re afraid to consider anything out of the ‘ordinary’. These are the same people who believe and repeatedly seek out other stereotypes only to say, “SEE?! X people are horrible!”

  2. Vivian Vanderbuilt

    Ok, dumb question, why would a provider accept am appointments if she isn’t at her best in the morning?
    IMHO a client should not care what number he is for that day. He has to pay the cost to be the boss, meaning if he wants to be her one and only for the entire day, that’s the amount of time he should reserve.

    • You’re never too late, Viv, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      This post comes from my incessant need to talk sense into the senseless. You would be shocked how desperate some girls get. Then when they get the God awful review to match,they go on the defensive as if they did the client a favor. I have revived my philosophy of those that know better do better.

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