On Culture and Class…

I’m an African American woman.

My body is naturally thick and muscular. My nose has a unique but complimentary shape.

I didn’t have a child as a minor.

I am not quick to anger, and I think before I speak or act.

I was in the top 25% of both my high school and college graduating classes. BOTH times.

The way my body moves when I walk, dance or make love has been described as the eighth wonder. Not many cultures move the way Black women do.

I believe that people are just people, and every culture has their good and bad. And it’s the SAME good and bad because we’re all human. No one culture isn’t susceptible to a form of negative behavior. This is what makes stereotyping certain behaviors with certain cultures so wrong. A gentleman mentioned that in his observations, he judged women by cultures based on the way they danced. He noticed in some cultures, namely African cultures, our dance was based on raw vulgarity, and not skill while other races were just classy. In studying other cultures, dance was not an indication of classiness. Every race on earth has killed their own kind, has their poor, stupid, and criminals. So in these modern post-Civil Rights era times, why are we still categorizing negative HUMAN behavior with normal Black people behavior?


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2 responses to “On Culture and Class…

  1. That was an incredibly ignorant observation on his part.

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