I’m okay, you’re okay

I don’t think I’ve taken the time recently to let you know that I get you. It may not come across in my posts all the time, but I’m okay with who you are. You don’t have to explain why you’ve come to see me, and whose fault it is that you feel the need to know me or anyone else. Either we’re on the same wavelength or we aren’t. No skin off my nose.

I’ve never met anyone I didn’t want to meet, and in turn, no one that I didn’t enjoy. I love doing different things, and I love it when you challenge me with your desires. You aren’t harming me, or hurting my psyche or inner being no more than dealing with any other factor or person in my life. As a matter of fact, certain factors send me RUNNING to your arms! Whatever the nature of our acquaintance, I’m okay with it.

The reason I say this is we get judged enough. Fear of judgment runs our lives. The things we say, do, and how we act is all based in some way to hide something about ourselves. Some of my lowliest submissives are some of the most anal-retentive perfectionists I’ve ever met in my life. The last thing you need from me is to agree to fulfill your fantasies and I really don’t want to, or I feel some negative way about you because of them. I would be burned the fuck out by now. And how do you think I’d feel about men in general? Just a little bit jaded, right? Just a tiny bit, maybe.

Here’s a little tidbit about me. I’ve got 9 brothers. I’m older than all of them. They range in ages from 34 to 20. The one thing I can assure that I know is  you have seen and experienced things that you will NEVER tell anyone (unless you’re very lucky to have someone you trust implicitly) and affects you daily. Because of that, I’ve never expected perfection from any man I’ve ever met. I’ve always been open and understanding, and patient in letting people initiate their own paths to change.

As your companion, I seek to do the same. Self discovery and honest explorations are the best part of this venture. I enjoy everything about you.


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3 responses to “I’m okay, you’re okay

  1. I’ve got 9 brothers.

    I congratulate you on dealing with 9 brothers! I thought the two I had were a handful! At least I was the baby of the group so I was occasionally spoiled by them when I wasn’t being made into a geeky tomboy. 😛

  2. I can give a superwedgie like nobody’s business! lol

    I’m so glad I had brothers. I got an insight into men that women who didn’t grow up with that influence tend to lack.

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