Giving you the “T”

Oh goodness, how long has it been?

I have missed you dearly, but you know me. Priorities, priorities. So let me catch you up on what’s been going down:

Graduation! Yes, honey. I am officially a holder of two degrees. I’m fluent in Spanish, conversational in French AND Chinese, so I welcome anyone who wants to help me become more fluent. This means an incredible advancement in my career outside of companionship in the  near (but not too near) future, and a significant decrease in my availability. In the mean time, I should be able to put a bit more emphasis on being available now that school is behind me.

For those of you who have sent graduation gifts, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Website updates! Well, not visible now. But you will notice a few changes. I hadn’t realized how long since I had updated the content of my site! I’ve changed my rates to reflect the level of service you should expect from me, and new, wonderful  pictures will grace every page. You will get better from me.

Social me. You know I’m very personal. And despite being quite the bag o’ fun, I don’t think I come across that way because I keep it all to myself. My limited writing skills has kept this blog from being as fun as I am, so I’m changing my Modus Operandi. I’ve met some wonderful writers, and I can now feel comfortable blogging and sharing without feeling that I’m exposing us. Of course our business is our business, so think of my social outlets as just highlight reels of my life. You should never be able to pick yourself out in my posts. You have my guarantee that:

* I will never post a date or exact location of our meeting.

* I will never mention your physical features, or your occupation.

* I will never post a picture that may give an indication of our date, location, or physical appearance.

On that note, look for links to my Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and all that good stuff when I have it ready for you. I’m so excited about the changes I’m more than ready to meet you for an excursion anywhere in the world.

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2 responses to “Giving you the “T”

  1. Softly Sarah

    Congratulations on your graduation! Felicidades!! (Or Felicitaciones!!) Lol!
    xo Sarah

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