5 things established non-pimped providers don’t say in their Backpage ads

As a well-established companion, you wouldn’t think that there would be no advertising venue that would be considered ‘taboo’, but Backpage is continually heading in that direction, even in places where there aren’t many alternatives. This post comes from recently travelling to Bumfuck, USA where I received an email from one of the hobbyists from a major review board basically shocked that I had lowered myself to advertising on BP. He didn’t know I was ‘that kind of girl’. But when I advertise, I mention being reviewed, my tenure in the business, and link to my website with all of the information a man needs to make an informed decision. Had I offered a $50 BnG session, I could see his concern, because that would be completely out of character for me. But this is Bumfuck, USA. How else am I supposed to get the word out?

I attribute the current climate of BP being associated with ripoffs, prostitution arrests of both ladies and gents, and the trafficking of minors. Some guys don’t know what they’re gonna get. And for some, that’s the thrill. But for the avid hobbyists that looks down on BP providers, yet still happen to find me there, they need to understand that BP is still a major advertising venue. There are guys that want to indulge but are afraid. THAT’S the guy I post ads for. My job, in a luxury industry, is to let this man know that I’m more than just a safe choice, that you’ve made the right choice.

When you fellas are perusing BP with the intention of getting what you ask for, here are some things that you should look for in ads that should look out for.

1.  100% Independent!

We know we don’t have to prove our independence to you. All you ask is that the pimp not be in the room.

2.  It’s me or it’s free!

Okay, let’s paint the scenario. You knock on the door, and instead of the girl in the hot pictures, you get another girl. Doable but not the girl in the the picture. You call her out on it, and she’s starts doing the “Maury baby daddy” on you, asking you to look at the similarities of her nose and her ass. She finally admits that it’s not her in the pics, so she invites you to say anyway. I wonder if there is anyone out there who got a free show that way….

3.  No games!

You should not go into a situation where you are up-sold, and this is seemingly something good to see. But again, like the other things you see in ads, it’s not a guarantee.

4. No pimps!

The context in which I see this statement still baffles me. It’s either they’re letting you know they don’t have one, or they don’t want one to call. Either way, it’s something I’ve never worried about. Yes, in 6 years, I’ve received calls and emails from “managers” claiming to get me more business, and they can be a pain in the ass. But not so much I would need to mention it in my advertisements.

5. No Blacks allowed

Black men make up  a very small percentage of clientele, especially in certain areas. Personally, I can count the number of Black men I’ve met in this endeavor on my fingers. Every last one of them have been respectful, and I would meet them all again. Some ladies say that it’s about preference, and I can get that. If a lady doesn’t want to meet you, you can’t make her. Some clients feel like they could get a disease from a girl who sees Black men. That’s crazy. You meet 5 Black guys of 300, and if a lady gets a disease, it’s from one of the Black guys? Yeah, that’s smart math. Even if all the Black men were disease-ridden, there would still be more White men with a disease. Another theory for the No Blacks is the fact that they have a pimp, and to minimalize the risk of interaction with another pimp, she sets boundaries around Black men.

I’ve met Black women with NBA policies for local Black men, but for very good reasons. The possibility of meeting a family member, or heaven forbid, someone from church would be stroke-inducing. But for the most part, women  understand the fact that there are other things besides skin color that can unnerve a woman. As long as a man is clean, respectful, and passes screening, there should be no issues.

The reason why a lady should not have to use these tactics is because these are the BIGGEST non-factors in our industry. Independence can’t be proven. Fake or misleading pics are synonymous with ‘tricking’. Either a lady’s in this to do it right or she’s trying to get over. And who she meets is no one’s business but hers. What should matter is that you get you asked for, and that it’s something that in good conscience do again.


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11 responses to “5 things established non-pimped providers don’t say in their Backpage ads

  1. Every time I see an NBA notice, I twitch. As far as the providers who do so for local black men to avoid the possible run-in with a family or church member, uh, screening? Verification?

    Also, how would said hobbyist know you were advertising on BP if he wasn’t scrolling through himself? Seems more than a touch hypocritical.

  2. rob

    As a hobbyist I have never considered it anything other than a personal preference. If a provider has a NBA policy I move on to the next provider, period. I have my preferences in the providers I see so I am not surprised if a provider has preferences…. However I think the NBA under 40 rule is more about the providers experience with hobbyists under the age of 40. They tend to be more of a hassle to deal with as I’m told by a provider friend of mine.

    • I agree, Rob. And thank you for your readership!

      If you want a quick headache, start wondering why these ladies don’t want to meet with Black men. For one, I have never had an issue with a Black man that I haven’t had with a White man. For every young Black man that has been less than presentable on the phone
      I’ve had two young White men do the same thing.

      For that reason, I judge everyone on their individual merits.

  3. Yes, the whole BP thing is annoying for me as well. It’s so funny guys get established on a board and then suddenly look down their nose on a particular advertising venue. I personally think it is just an excuse for some of the men’s natural predilection to disrespect the women who offer the service they themselves are looking for, you know. It’s fabricated line of demarcation, so that it makes it easier feed a false sense of superiority. I love backpage. It’s a pain in the ass to screen, to be sure, but I have met some wonderful men on there. Screening is screening is screening wherever you advertise. I find the men I have met on there who are not “hobbyists” per say to be more appreciative and more able to view me as companion and a fully functional human being. Vive BP! I am THAT sort of girl;)!

    • I especially love how those same “established” men who “stick to higher class boards” will *find* your ad on BP. Well how did you do that sir, if you keep out of such trashy places?

      Anyway, I don’t do the BP thing mainly because I’ve had absolutely zero luck with it. However, there needs to be a national site that caters more to localized searches for those of us outside of major metro areas. There used to be one… but it’s long since gone now.

      • Hello sexiness! Because of the way I work, I feel I have awesome luck with it. But the way I judge success is probably not the way everyone views it. I don’t get 5 dates a day, but I have met some of my key local clients there. But you know that when it comes to judgment in this industry, it’s one-sided. Only we’re the gutter rats for being on a venue like BP. But they can spend their money how they want. I tell high dollar ladies who feel like their client would never meet a lady for a fee less than $300 to keep dreaming.

        The only thing you can do is stand out. And I know you do. 🙂

        Thanks for reading!

  4. Reblogged this on The Official Blog of Jayla Moore and commented:
    I think I LOVE this chick!

  5. Nate Ahmad

    Tiffani, good article(s) and I am pleased that you spend the time to do this. Also do ads in BP which state this is not for prostitution and or not law enforcement hold any weight? Additionally, does not showing your face or not listing prices throw up a flare? Let me know your thoughts?

    • Nate, thanks for your readership! Stating that the ad isn’t prostitution doesn’t hold a candle when you’ve got your ass in the air, and you guarantee satisfaction. Even when you’re being tasteful it doesn’t. Not showing your face is a personal choice with the lady, and I choose to limit mine based on my life outside the business.

      I personally have a website for gents to visit for rates, but with those who don’t have one and is adamant about not discussing rates for fear of entrapment, and wants you to just show up, I would be leery of meeting.

      • r.

        Stating an ad is NOT for prostitution isn’t worth a dime……most jurisdictions require that you name an act and a price and you are busted…..check your local area. As far as Backpage usage….I have moved away because of the presence of law enforcement trolling Backpage like they did to Craigslist a few years ago. Mostly it is done under the guise of stopping “human trafficking” but the target is still prostitution. There is an A & E special about it that airs every now and then and they specifically (law enforcement) troll and target Backpage.

      • Darling, even if you don’t name an act or price, you answer an ad and invite the cops in, you’re busted. You may have a little wiggle room in court, but you’re going to jail anyway. The target is desperation. Unfortunately, that’s the same target for some clients. Like with any major business, predatory practices should be kept in check. Changing the way you view women in this industry may help with the choices you make no matter the site you peruse.

        I guess in the bigger picture, you’re right about the overall atmosphere of BP being a place for low hanging fruit. But the caliber of friends I’ve met from BP, I thank the Universe for bringing them to me before anything bad could happen to them.

        Thanks for reading!

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