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2004 Campè della Spinetta Vürsù Barolo, and a friendship just as fine…

He catches my eye as he tells the Maitre’ d he’s meeting someone. Damn, that man can hang a suit. I stand and make myself visible in the crowded restaurant, and his eyes light up. “You look lovely,” he said as he kissed me on the cheek. We catch up a bit and keep dinner light, well as light as one can get at Marcel’s, and get dessert to go. I can’t wait to taste blood orange brulée from his tongue.

Back at our suite, we steal a few kisses as I pour libations into Bordeaux glasses to let it breathe.  It’s amazing how long we’ve been friends. “To our fifth anniversary,” we quip. We spend a moment letting the suave tannins of this amazing vintage engulf our palates,  and his large hands finds the zipper on the back of my dress. He makes me blush as he looks into my eyes with that intense stare. I know that look. I’m about to be dinner. As his hands slowly work their way down, he finds my secret jewel: the anal plug I’ve been wearing since the restaurant.

By this time, the brulée was at the perfect consistency. I let it drip from its container to his nipples, and trail down his body. I immediately get to clean up duty, making sure I’m very thorough. Now it’s my turn… Needless to say, things get very hot over the next few hours. I won’t bore you with details.

Sticky and sweet, hot and sweaty, we take advantage of the two person tub, and enjoy the rest of the wine. “This is good. You’ve got a knack for this,” he says. “I can’t wait to see what what you pick next year.”

To another year, sweetheart!



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2010 Calais Cuvee du Canton Syrah

He’s tall, lean, good-looking. And he knows it.  Despite the near-constant smirk on his face cluing you in to his confidence, his attitude is humble. He’s come a long way, and has admitted to deep-rooted asshole ways, which makes him that much more fun. His cool demeanor and mellow voice make him very easy to listen to, and I find myself getting closer and closer with every time he makes me laugh.

The wine is local, and surprisingly good. I loved the long dark berry finish, just as I loved his lengthy kisses. And other parts. We discussed the nature of our connection, as we lay sweaty and unable to keep our hands off each other. It’s the nature of things for us. Indulge, enjoy, and take our leave.  Tonight was my turn.

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Giving you the “T”

Oh goodness, how long has it been?

I have missed you dearly, but you know me. Priorities, priorities. So let me catch you up on what’s been going down:

Graduation! Yes, honey. I am officially a holder of two degrees. I’m fluent in Spanish, conversational in French AND Chinese, so I welcome anyone who wants to help me become more fluent. This means an incredible advancement in my career outside of companionship in the  near (but not too near) future, and a significant decrease in my availability. In the mean time, I should be able to put a bit more emphasis on being available now that school is behind me.

For those of you who have sent graduation gifts, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Website updates! Well, not visible now. But you will notice a few changes. I hadn’t realized how long since I had updated the content of my site! I’ve changed my rates to reflect the level of service you should expect from me, and new, wonderful  pictures will grace every page. You will get better from me.

Social me. You know I’m very personal. And despite being quite the bag o’ fun, I don’t think I come across that way because I keep it all to myself. My limited writing skills has kept this blog from being as fun as I am, so I’m changing my Modus Operandi. I’ve met some wonderful writers, and I can now feel comfortable blogging and sharing without feeling that I’m exposing us. Of course our business is our business, so think of my social outlets as just highlight reels of my life. You should never be able to pick yourself out in my posts. You have my guarantee that:

* I will never post a date or exact location of our meeting.

* I will never mention your physical features, or your occupation.

* I will never post a picture that may give an indication of our date, location, or physical appearance.

On that note, look for links to my Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and all that good stuff when I have it ready for you. I’m so excited about the changes I’m more than ready to meet you for an excursion anywhere in the world.

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Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio 2010: Ode to a wonderful night

He is tall, dark, and handsome. Intense eyes, soft skin, and a Sade fan. All pluses in my book. It’s been a long day for both of us. It’s time to wind down.

We poured libations, and toasted to our new-found friendship. Then within minutes, I’m in the grip of muscular arms and the reciprocator of passionate kisses. Time stood still. Between Pinot breaks and breathlessness, there was always a smile on our faces.

On to the basking. DiSaronno and Country Time on ice, and singing Sade to the best of our ability…

I’m still smiling!

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2012 Updates…

Hello everyone!

The new year has been great, and it holds even greater things for you and me.

First, I’ve started school again, pursuing a second degree. What does that mean, especially with my already hectic schedule? FREEDOM! LOL School is online, and with a major four-year university here in Texas, and being the nerd I am, I’m already done with the first four weeks of homework and assignments. Give me another month, and I’ll be as free as a bird aside from the mandatory online meetings.

Secondly, I’ll be working from home the rest of the year, so no need to be tied down to long work days. I’ll go in for meetings a couple times a week, but other than that, I’m GOOD.

Ok, this is what I’ve been building up to: Starting mid-February, I will be offering incall. YAAAY! Anyone who’s visited with me knows that your comfort is my passion. I’ll be in a beautiful location with wonderful amenities and atmosphere. I’ll be catering to those who have great tastes in food, music, libations, and who truly want to be entertained. High quality sheets, bedding, towels, and playthings will be at your disposal. And yes, I will definitely be moving some of my dungeon furniture out of storage. I can’t wait to entertain you.

1 Hour appointments will be available for gents who can easily be screened via the normal Verification services, and recent verifiable references. If you don’t have references, we can most definitely meet, but it will require a 1.5 hour minimum outcall, or a 2 hour meeting at other accommodations for incall.

Of course I will offer an Incall Incentive. So overall, more availability will mean more advertising, public pictures, and more of the things I enjoy about being a companion: meeting you.

I am THOROUGHLY excited. So now, back to work with me. I hope to see you soon!

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Come hang out with me!

Just a reminder from your concierge in Dallas!

I just renewed my DSO subscription, and they are outdoing themselves this year! Of course there’s the Beach Boys and Kool & the Gang, and of course the Cole Porter tribute in my birth month next year has already been set aside for a very special fan. As for this year, I think Cirque Musica with the performers is going to be great! And let’s not forget the Classics. Mendelssohn’s Scottish Symphony is one of my favorites, and there will be a new (and might I add HOT) guy conducting Chopin. Conductors have such an intensity. If you don’t mind watching me drool a bit, I invite you to come too.

Mmmmm Achucarrrro

Take your pick of either the POP series or the Classical series events. I love them both.

Of course, I’ve still got my Cowboys season passes on the 50 yard line. Beautiful new stadium, busty arm candy, who cares if they’re winning? You will be!

Hope to see you soon!

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Dallas is poppin’ this year, guys!

Just a reminder that I have Club seats to the Cowboys games this season, and I’m looking for a date. My first availability is on October 10th in Dallas against the Tennesse Titans. After that, November 21 against the Lions. They’re showing promise already, and I stand by my decision to support them this year. Hopefully they won’t fall so short. Mind you, I’m a gambler, and a fan of no one. But how do you live in a city with such a larger than life team and not be a part of it?

Also I have procured the Ovation series for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Pop Series tickets with Loge box seats for optimum sound for you music lovers. The Classic Series starts with Beethoven September 23, since my Kenny G and Gershwin tickets are no longer available, the Pop Series availability starts with Liza Minelli October 8! I’m so looking forward to seeing her in concert.

Liza Minelli at DSO in October!

And for you dance fans, Dallas Ballet Theater is performing the classics: Cinderella in October, and Nutcracker in December.

This is going to be a busy season, as there are some out of town venues that I hope to be available for as well. When my calendar shows more promise, I’ll post more. If travel is going to bring you to Dallas, I would hope to make it worth your stay. Until then…

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Mile High in Denver

Denver was a great host city this weekend. My friend and I were in an exquisite LoDo hotel. Good thing about this area is that everything is so close. My host, with his crazy self, kept me entertained and laughing the whole time. My cheeks are still hurting from all the laughing. He’s vivacious and carefree, and a maniac (in a good way). And a good dancer I might add.

We were busy this trip. In between the passion, we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, saw a performance at the Center of Performing Arts, and went dancing three times in a 48 hour period. And you know what? I heard that the BubbaGump Shrimp Co. was real, but I had never been. Best ribs ever. In true balance, we went to Potager Restaurant, an ecofriendly restaurant that grows it’s own fresh vegetables.

Denver is a fun city, but what made this trip was the company. I want to thank my good friend for a great trip. We both needed it, and I look forward to our next rendezvous.

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And all that jazz…

Back from Kansas City, MO, and boy am impressed with the city! The last time I went I didn’t go in the tourist capacity, and it was just business. And not this one. So my ‘tour guide’ for the weekend made sure that our itineraries were full.

The highlights were the WWI museum and the Negro League Baseball/Jazz museum. Both were insightfully staged, and informative. A couple times, we both got teary eyed at the images, movies, and narratives, as we’re both lovers of history.

And the music! My feet never hurt so much. But the 5 inch platform pumps I was wearing didn’t help me either. Thankfully we were in the Plaza area, full of shops and food and night spots. We walked and shopped and ate  and danced til our hearts content. And the Spanish Colonial architecture was impressive. I appreciate my travel mate for being his romantic thoughtful self. His love of food, people and music make our times together so wonderful. Getaways like this bring out the best in a woman, if you know what I mean…

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Mozart awaits…

I have always enjoyed Classical music. And it’s true what they say about it enhancing thought. I studied to it in college, plays softly in the background during meetings at work, and Tchaikovsky can be quite romantic. This year I’ve bought 2010-11 Season tickets, and I’m excited about what’s in store. Lots of Brahms…awesome!

Next week it’s Mozart’s Serenade No.10 with a disarmingly charming gentleman I’ve been conversing with for some time now. He loves Cole Porter songs, literature, and busty Black girls with dimples (go figure!). It’s going to be a weekend full of great food, great concerts, and great company.

The new season starts in September if anyone would like to accompany me. I’m glad to share my Dallas Symphony Orchestra tickets with like-minded lovers of the Arts-and lovers of  large-chested Black women alike.

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