The few, the proud…

Am I supposed to get MSOG or should it at least be attempted in one hour?

She left way before time was up. I thought that was normal.

Incall was just a mattress on the floor…

When I came out of the bathroom, she and my wallet were gone…

What can we do in two hours? I’m a one-and-done kind of guy.

She asked me to co-sign for a car.

She said she was 25, but she was obviously 45.

If any of these statements sound familiar to you, or have ever parted your lips, or your fingers have ever typed something similar, I feel for you. I want you to know that this isn’t all the industry consists of, and there is better out there.

You may feel like, ‘well, I get what I pay for.’ And in some cases, you may be right. Doing things the right way will always require a level of overhead, and it will reflect in their rates and offerings. But there are wonderfully intelligent and open-minded women at all price points; you’ve just got to do your homework to find them.

Seeing these threads make me realize that no matter how we as ladies decide to conduct our business, drama-free companions are a rarity.  There are benefits to being a drama-free companion, and here’s how you notice them on the review boards:

1. We enjoy our job. On the whole, there’s little to no burnout, and burnout-related rants and retirements and sabbaticals. Some will have come and gone before you will have had an opportunity to enjoy our company. I hate it when I read a post that starts with ‘don’t you hate it when…’ and I can’t relate. No one way is perfect, but there are definite ways to reduce stress, the risks of bad encounters, NCNS and ripoffs.

2. Wonderful clients. We don’t let the men we will not see ruin our perception of the freedom being a companion brings. Either you come correct or visit with someone else.

3. Rare need to make alerts. We screen thoroughly, so there’s less chances that a bad apple gets through.

4. You’re in fantasy land from the first to the last minute, even when we’re being ourselves. Everything about us in that moment, our conversations, what we have on, the music in the background, and the ambiance is meant to move you in more than one way.

5. Two hours won’t be enough time. Whomever we are to you, the salacious girlfriend, the cruel mistress, or kinky bombshell, you will never want her to leave.

There are ladies who seek to have a good time, maintain a good reputation, make sure you’re happy, and I’m glad to be one of them.


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4 responses to “The few, the proud…

  1. Exactly.

    And regarding number four, especially when a companion is genuine and not a persona. There are so many people who are fake that being around someone who is authentic is like being in a fantasy world.

    Great post as usual, Tiffani!

    • Thank you Claudia!

      I totally agree with you! I have been recently told that being around clients for more than an hour is work, and from a gent I have heard that ladies who aren’t obvious liars are few and far between. Just a couple of the things I hear that inspire me to blog.

      I really appreciate your readership.


      • joeybryantonline

        LOL, #1 sounds like me. Sometimes I can mention things that can come across as burnout. But truth is, I don’t really be burnt out as much as just thirsty for a change in my schedule.

        I find that when I’m traveling and on a strict schedule it keeps me balanced and grounded. This month already, I’ve gone to 3 cities. Would I be able to do that if I wasn’t doing this? Maybe, but after I finish my degree!

        For the most part though, I’ve not experienced any kind of risky or ‘bad’ clients now in quite awhile. Staying away from backpage decreases those chances too.

      • Hi Sugarbritches!

        Your market is such a hard one to pin down, so regularly switching things up should help. I notice when things are good for you, things are good. When the routine doesn’t work it’s time to switch it up. Frustration is one thing, but complete befrazzlement (yes, I just made up a word!) is another.

        What I’m talking about are people showing how ignorant they are on the boards. If you know that you’re engaging in risky behavior with the way you control your business, and you don’t stop, it’s no one’s fault but your own. It would take me one time to have a negative experience to rework my M.O. to keep it from happening again. Some people take it and do nothing about it, and wonder why everyone else’s situation sounds foreign. And then have the nerve to be mad about it!

        To seek wise counsel makes one wise.

        P.S. Expect a call from me soon!

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