Your business is not my business.

This is meant to be an informational post and a mini-rant.

My services are based on who I am, and not who my clients are. I post my pictures and write an informative bio so that you know what you can expect. Subsequently, like minded individuals are drawn to me. My rates are based on what I feel is reasonable for the type of service I offer and my availability.

I have learned to use certain tools to monitor and change my business according to certain statistics. When my numbers start to drop for whatever reason (and I know what those reasons are), I have learned what to do to bring them back up again. When I want to try something new, I do. I like the results, I stick with it and know that it’s an option. If I don’t, I nix it and try something else.

Like ALL companions, I am someone’s ATF, and I know why. And I promise I won’t change a thing.

Until a gent contacts me, how he spends his money has absolutely nothing to do with me. Knowing that information would never help me be successful as a companion.

When I become worth it to you, I’ll hear from you.

Because I learned all this doing research on my own and through my knowledge of real life business marketing,  I know the difference  between those that know what they’re talking about and those that don’t. I don’t like it when people who have never been a successful companion or has no business knowledge at all tries to sell this information to those who ALSO know nothing about the business. You can fool some people by talking slick, but you’re not going to fool everyone.

The “marketing consultant” of the week uses Wix to build websites, has at least 10 grammatical errors on her website, and creates threADs on the boards with Jotform surveys asking clients how they spend their money on company. From her posts, she apparently has comprehension issues, and she admittedly started the survey to ‘gather information’ to help her clients. If you’re still gathering information, or are not abreast of NORMAL market fluctuations that affect spending in any luxury market, you have no business in business.

My prediction is after these ladies spend the money to have this woman teach them how to market themselves, they will still be in the blind. What I have learned is that what makes a companion successful is dependent on who she is and her capacity to make the necessary changes that will keep her that way. If she doesn’t know how to change or when, no amount of lowering her rates because some bad cross-section of data says she’s expensive will make things better. Alternatively, if that same data says she’s too cheap, raising her prices without some justification will not help either. Doing what makes other ladies an ATF won’t help her, and will only make her services seem more contrived. Knowing whether you’re married or single won’t help her.

That’s no one’s business but yours. If it will help her be a better companion, please explain why. I am definitely open to admitting I’m wrong.


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9 responses to “Your business is not my business.

  1. I hope your comments open some ladies’ eyes about canned websites or canned market research. One of my pet peeves is reading websites of “college educated” women replete with spelling or grammatical errors. Rant on, Tiffani!

    • Thank you Doobie!

      Not so much as those ladies, because I know engineers who are just brilliant, but can’t spell banana. What I’m talking about is those ladies with the attitude of ‘those that can’t do should teach’.

      There is nothing wrong with starting an escort marketing business if you know what you’re doing. But if you’re not a successful companion trying to capitalize on the industry in one way or another, that is just wrong.

  2. I can’t think of a better clip to encapsulate this issue than that one. Perfect! So, is this basically a scam? Or just someone trying to bs their way through?

    • Definitely BS’ing her way through. This woman has littered certain boards with advertisements. When I mentioned on a thread that the survey she wants men to complete will not help her or any other lady figure a plan for her business, she basically gave me the finger but still couldn’t explain herself or the survey. Sent you the links via email. I refuse to give this woman any undue publicity.

  3. Tiffani, I am aware of who you are referring to.I was looking at some of the sites she has “built” and on one of the them I noticed that she copied literally word for word the text from two well known escorts on erosguide. When I first called her attention to it she accused the other women of stealing her words, and then later accused me of altering the words that I had copied directly from her site. This woman charges her clients for web, and ad content, and then simply steals it from other web sites and ads.

    She was frustrating the hell out of me because rather than simply admit to a mistake she would rather play the victim, and behave as if it is all some type of conspiracy against her.I feel bad for her clients, people should recieve what they have paid for.

    • You know, that is just what I expected. You have to look at who her clientele is. Most of them have never advertised beyond BP and the board. Of course, when someone sounds intelligent enough you believe what they say if you don’t know any better. And it’s not the point of her wanting to help these ladies, because it is a step up. But for that money, she should be coding her websites herself.

      She’s apparently has some clients, and I applaud her efforts. Her downfall was instead of her quietly marketing her services to those who could use them, she chose to drag it out publicly, around people who knew better. I for one am glad she closed her account, and hope she does well with that crowd until they learn they could’ve done better.

      Thanks for finding me, Katy!

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