Life in the cardboard box.

When did it become possible to read one book and become an expert?

When did it become possible to stay at a Holiday Inn and become the authority?

The same rings true for any facet of life. It pains me when a gentleman procures a women at certain price points, has certain experiences, and cares to tell everyone that his experiences are the only way things work.

It pains me when a lady gets her start on ONE message board, becomes popular in ONE place, and declares herself popular and knowledgeable.

It pains me when a lady starts on the low end of things, and apparently sees no room for change in herself based on ONE board’s popular mentality, so she looks down on ladies who treats their business like a business and promotes herself the way she sees fit.

I’m realizing you can’t paint the walls in the cardboard box and try and open the lid for yourself at the same time.


I felt a need to edit this since I got a disturbing email from a good friend on how this came across. I won’t go into detail, but what this post means for me is akin to Men in Black, where we’re in a galaxy, trying to prove to other people we’re only a small galaxy within a bigger one. I have just realized that my blog has become more or less a bitchfest, and not even about shit that happens to me!

Guys, I am fine. I am the consummate Companion and Concierge, and my blog doesn’t reflect that. Business is great for me, I don’t have problems getting people to screen, I have done SO many fun things that I haven’t told you about, and met so many wonderful new friends.

Those of you who know me know of my matriarchal nature that always reaches out to those who need me. I am upset with myself that I let myself get pulled into mind frames that have nothing to do with me.

Please accept my apology. That changes today.

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