Why I do what I do how I do it.

The motivation for this post comes from a lot of different sources: twitter, various ho boards, and the news. There is lots of talk about Black women, Black women across the adult industry, poor people, escaping poverty, approaches to the adult industry from the standpoint of Black women, negative stereotypes toward Black women in the adult industry, and equality in sex work. All of these topics kind of run together for me.

I don’t think I’ve failed to mention that I come from very humble beginnings. I seen a lot of what I didn’t want in my life as a kid and was intrigued by the things that were missing (Blame it on the Cosby’s). I was just different from everybody. I’ve made different choices from everybody. Now I’m a healthy, happy 34 year old Black woman with a career, a growing business (a legitimate one), a happy healthy kid I didn’t have in my teens, and great outlets for my sexual and artistic interests.

I guess I’m what you would call the American AND African American dream. I should be a republican right now, but my understanding of the poor makes me feel differently about the ideals of Republicans. (I’m classified as more of a Centerist) I have been so blessed that I don’t mind paying taxes. In fact, it’s one of the things for which I am grateful. I understand the purpose of taxes, but don’t condone their blatant misuse. I would love it if someone was actively changing the public education system, or making sure non-profits designed to help the poor do better and see better things were actually doing their job. I know ladies who live for tax time, as it’s the most money they see at one time all year long.

In so many ways, my thought process is straddled across this fence between where I come from and where I am, hence my approach to being a companion. I’ve been talking to a few ladies from different backgrounds in this industry, and the thought was I should raise my rates, and cater to more “upscale” clientele. I love being available to have and offer the “upscale” experiences I do, and it hasn’t been with the richest or most “upscale” clients, which I think classifying men in this way is a load of baloney. I think men will spend their money on what they want no matter what the cost. I go away twice a month for the weekend, and one of these men has to save up for the experience. The gents I have CHOSEN to spend time with over the course of 6 years have all been respectful, both of my time and my price point, which make them such a pleasure to be around. Most likely I will raise either my hourly minimum or my rates in the future, but it won’t be because I’m trying to exclude any group of people. Being a companion for me is about my comfort level, and those who seek my company. I am NOT trying to have the perceived value discussion so I will stop here.

I know the difference between having high self esteem and being an elitist.  I’ve experienced some of the best things life can offer, and life is pretty good right now for me, but it makes me no better than anyone else. I have a pretty high opinion of myself, but I don’t let that affect how I treat others. I have learned to pick my associates better, and I stay away from negativity no matter what side of the fence it comes from. I have never judged a book by its cover (or the lack thereof), because the beat up ones always make the best read.

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