Come hang out with me!

Just a reminder from your concierge in Dallas!

I just renewed my DSO subscription, and they are outdoing themselves this year! Of course there’s the Beach Boys and Kool & the Gang, and of course the Cole Porter tribute in my birth month next year has already been set aside for a very special fan. As for this year, I think Cirque Musica with the performers is going to be great! And let’s not forget the Classics. Mendelssohn’s Scottish Symphony is one of my favorites, and there will be a new (and might I add HOT) guy conducting Chopin. Conductors have such an intensity. If you don’t mind watching me drool a bit, I invite you to come too.

Mmmmm Achucarrrro

Take your pick of either the POP series or the Classical series events. I love them both.

Of course, I’ve still got my Cowboys season passes on the 50 yard line. Beautiful new stadium, busty arm candy, who cares if they’re winning? You will be!

Hope to see you soon!

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One response to “Come hang out with me!

  1. honestpete

    Football?!?! With scrumptious eye candy like you next to me in public – holding hands; whispering in my ear, cleaning mustard from the corner of your flirtatious smile with my moist finger – watching any live sports event will be similar to watching TV commercials – who bothers with that sh_t?

    As for the music concerts, hopefully we can lay on the grass, with our picnic basket & a blanket to conceal any naughty activities going on underneath. 😉

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