I never noticed how society and feminism has sparked a reluctance to the word ‘NEED’.

I was talking to a group of ladies who all have their shit together, some in the industry and some not, and it’s evident that women are capable of so much. We make the money, go to school, raise the kids, stay beautiful, and a lot of us do it by ourselves. For some reason, statistics are leaning more toward women taking on more masculine roles in life. We teach the boys how to properly throw footballs. We’re playing catch in the from yard. We have no choice, since he’s not there. He’s moved on without regard for his children, or their welfare. Don’t worry, bro. I got it. But I digress…

So I’m at a great restaurant with about six  ladies, and we got on the subject of men and relationships. One lady spins out a scenario she’s going through with a guy, and asks what the rest of us thought. Was he using her or is he just really that nice? Then another story about losers we meet in nightclubs, and a couple more about Sugardaddy types and their egos. But the consensus from most ladies was that of “I don’t need a man. I’m an independent woman.”

This sent me home thinking, do I need a man? Yes. We were put on this earth for each other. Well, for those of us who do the ‘man-woman’ thing. No matter in what context we decide, it doesn’t matter if it’s one on one, or in a multi-partner relationship. We NEED each other.

Although I love myself, I NEED you to love me.

I NEED to know and feel your strength.

I NEED your help and comfort.

I NEED to know that you will not take advantage of the fact that I need you.

Oh, and don’t get it twisted. You NEED me too.

There. Was that so hard?


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2 responses to “I NEED YOU

  1. Joey

    People (mostly Americans) have become so fearful of looking ‘needy’ or seeming needy that they will go out of their way to look the opposite of.

    • You’re so right. But I think it’s due to a lot of the role reversal going on. In the past couple generations, men have caused women to be more self-reliant. As women excel, they adopt the mentality that they don’t need a man. Some either take care of their men, emasculating them further, or become very hardened and unapproachable (I’m personally guilty of this.). I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the Backup Plan with Jennifer Lopez, but I remember watching the movie first time thinking that she should have just done it herself. If he wanted to be there, it would be because she didn’t require nothing of him. I just re-watched the movie, listened to her friend, and realized these are the behaviors I’m trying to change about myself. Because I’m strong, I would want the man that I’m with to be twice as strong, and I’m not talking physically. I’m doing some things in my personal life to change the mentality of our youth, and hopefully things can change.

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