What if…

A very interesting question was posed on a discussion board, partly, in my opinion, out of the anger that the men don’t set the rules in our market. The question was what if the men stopped patronizing escorts. Of course, the natural response to that is “pshh. Yeah right.” But let’s entertain that. This one’s going to be short.

Here’s the scenario: the law hands out almost life sentences for moral crimes, and let’s entertain that Escort websites and directories are illegal, and any company hosting them is ordered to shut them down. And we’re taking this worldwide too. Let’s not give an easy out by taking this to another country. There are ladies that are RIGHT NOW prepared for this scenario. If there’s any ‘dating’ done, it’s going to have to be very low key. Learning about new or different ladies will be by  word of mouth.

But let’s just say that ALL guys get so freaked out that they abstain from meeting escorts. Meaning NO CLIENTS. Women do what they have to. In EVERY situation. We are adaptable.  To me it would just force things in both better and worse directions. Most ladies I know  have skills, are business owners, are college educated or getting there. They either work full or part time, and/or have a spouse. They will be just fine.

But what about the rest of them? That means the young pimped out girls will have to get a new focus. Most likely theft of some kind, since there are no buyers for bodies.  Hopefully for those that are going at this alone, this means sticking to school even if they don’t like it, or working. Either way both women and men would be fine. And there would always be a few that will find a way to defy the law.

Back to reality.


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2 responses to “What if…

  1. Joey

    Hey love,

    that’s a grizzly scenario LOL. For a moment I got deep there and really started thinking. But you know, with the shutting down of craigslist precisely around this time last year, I would have endued that very thing. When I lived in San Antonio, approximately 98% of my earnings came from craigslist. For some odd reason, clients there just didn’t really know of gay male escort sites. It was a decent living; but not good enough. But by the time it shutdown, I had already left the state.

    My answer to the question would be: as long as there is free sex, there will be paid sex. Sounds contradictory…but if you analyze it, it makes sense.

    However, I just cannot fathom the fact of escort sites shutting down worldwide. There are just too many liberal countries: Germany (Cologne’s infamous Pascha brothell), U.K., Scotland, Canada, Thailand, China, Japan…that don’t see escorting as immoral. So, if the United States ever decided to ban websites from advertising escort services, there would be a plethora of countries that I am all too eager to move to and that would just be the tip of the iceberg LOL!

    • What’re you doing up so early? Or late…

      But you have to think, this is what the US is hoping for, to scare guys straight so there’s no need for this industry. But they will never do away with it totally. I posed this question because the guy who says that we should all be charging $100 said that they don’t have to patronize us. ‘What if we quit?’ was the question. I wanted to give the scenario as much room as it needed to get the broadest answer possible. My reply? Boy, boo.

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