How to End YMMV

That’s like asking how to end world hunger.

You’ve got two types of people on each side of the table. On the women’s side, the majority of escorts are not in this for the right reason. They were either forced by economic situations, or coerced by some pimp. About 40% or more of escorts today are 18 to 25, new to the business, and had unrealistic expectations going in. They’re supposed to just be pretty and the guys will come. Never you mind she hasn’t thought about she will wrap her mind around dealing with her clientele.

On the men’s side, the majority are not seeking out escorts for the right reasons or the right premise. He is out to intentionally make a lady feel bad for making the decisions she’s made. He seeks out the desperate, seeing only ladies who have lowered their prices to the lowest imaginable without regard for how this affects her performance. Then he brags about how low-rent her incall area was, how she was ‘not into it’, or how he thinks he saw her next client pass him in the hallway. His excuse is that he didn’t tell her to sell herself so cheaply. If she doesn’t like her job she should find another one.

Then you have the minority on both sides. You have a very small percentage of ladies who put thought into their business. They seek to work smarter and not harder, and even to enjoy themselves. Her client is also a minority, the man who puts thought into meeting a companion. Yes, he’s looking for physical attractiveness, but he’s also looking for signs that he will have a good time, and that her attitude is consistent. He is not drawn to the dramatic at all. Matter of fact he’s avoiding it.

The problem with men who always seem to be having bad experiences with escorts, especially when he obviously has good choices at every price point, is that they’re not looking for balanced providers. We don’t negotiate our rates or our time. We require screening. We won’t see him if he’s an obvious woman hater. So it’s off to sifting through the bottom feeders, weeding out who actually does what they say they do, or doesn’t rip them off.

I’m not saying that ladies aren’t allowed to have a bad day. We’ve all had at least ten and there’s more on the horizon. I’m saying that we do whatever we can to make sure that we have the best possible time with our clients. If that means rescheduling, cancelling, or using the encounter itself to take our mind off our outside influences, so be it.

A brilliant lady recently said that an encounter with an escort is supposed to be a luxury. And it’s supposed to be, on both ends. Our time together should be compared to the Prom. It’s a splurge. You worked all year long mowing lawns, babysitting, washing cars, or whatever to get prepared for the expenses. After all that, you don’t buy a second-hand suit for the prom. You don’t ask a girl you don’t like to the dance. You get the tux, the limo rental, the tickets, and the hotel room for the after party. You want to make sure it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

For us, it’s the same thing. We’re not MEANT to accept every invitation we get to the prom. Mind you, he doesn’t have to be a team captain for us to say yes, but he has to be thoughtful. He should value you enough to care how he asks, and when he asks. Asking you two days before the prom is a sign that either he was desperate, or he thought you were. Desperation should never be a factor in making a decision on who takes you to the prom. If it gets that bad, go with a group of friends. Guys don’t take this as a ‘you should spend the most money you can’ speech. It’s more about the thought and time it takes to make sure you get what you want out of an experience.

There will never be an end to YMMV because people are YMMV.  For every type of client there is the perfect companion for him. It’s just a matter of meeting at the right time.


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7 responses to “How to End YMMV

  1. Joey

    Okay, first off what exactly is YMMV? Is it “your mileage may vary?

    Anyhow..I totally agree with it. Offering bare minimum rates just isn’t going to bring out the best.

    Unfortunently, lately it just seems the offer to drop rates and the willingness to pay the posted rates seem to have disappeared…atleast at home. Funny how I can go out of town and have no issue getting what I ask for, but once you stick around a certain place for awhile it’s like your ‘value’ depreciates.


    show details Jul 22 (3 days ago)

    Hi Joey

    Thanks for getting back to me but sorry too high $ for my budget.

    Take care, E

  2. Joey

    So your statement about seeing the girl who charges the absolute bare minimum to feel crap about themselves, or to accept the crumb thrown on the floor and I’m to get on my knees, crawl in the dirt and lick the shit off the fucking floor.

    I won’t do it!

  3. Joey, that is just the majority trying to get to you. There are clients that will pay your rate, but it’s like talking over a crowded floor. You’ve got to make him see you. Then once he sees you, you’ve got to make him hear you. Once he hears you, he’s got to want to choose you.

    People now are trying to get a bargain any way they can. You give in to a bargain, you won’t feel good about it. You’d be a good one if you can fake it through a session with someone who doesn’t value your services. Your feelings are not considered as long as they’ve got their bargain.

    They say being an escort is what makes us feel bad about ourselves, I say it’s selling ourselves short that does.

    I say don’t do it either.
    Much love, darling!

  4. Chevalier

    YMMV. I hate that acronym. *sigh* Because it is used to talk past each other, based on two common (but competing) meanings. “YMMV #1” = the ladies are not robots following a script so of course what happens will not be exactly the same as in any other session. (The positive interpretation.) “YMMV #2” = ladies from whom the quality of the time together may vary DRAMATICALLY based on factors that most clients would consider inappropriate for P4P, such as whether he is her type physically or whether she felt like working when she woke up that morning. (Dramatic variance is OK for other factors, such as hygiene, whether he’s rude, etc.) Yet we get all these stupid arguments about YMMV (on P4P boards, not here) because people aren’t using the term the same way.

    [/curmudgeonly rant]

    No arguments with your blog entry here, although with respect to

    Asking you two days before the prom is a sign that either he was desperate, or he thought you were.

    OK, maybe for the prom. In P4P, sometimes it just means that we have relatively limited windows of opportunity and one opened up unexpectedly on short notice. In those circumstances, I sometimes contact a lady, normally someone whom I’ve already seen. I don’t do it because I think she’s desperate, though; I always assume she already has other plans (whether P4P or real life). But sometimes a long shot comes through and she might want to hook up on short notice too. 🙂 It usually doesn’t happen, though.

    P.S. I’ve been enjoying your blog.

    • I’m glad you like it. 😀

      The YMMV I was speaking of was version #2. Hygiene and attitude issues fall under #1 to me. That’s why I it’s important for me to build chemistry before seeing someone. It means no nervousness, no awkward moments, and fears about freedom are out of the window. It’s what I need to bring my uninhibited self to an encounter. But that’s just me.

      And I completely understand that every lady doesn’t conduct herself like me, and make themselves available short notice (within minutes or hours) for gents. And when I equated the two-day time frame, it wasn’t to be taken literally. Hell, I can make time short notice for a known friend, or an easily screened gent with whom I have rapport. I do feel that being available short notice to everyone does add to the YMMV in sessions. It may be the way some do things, not expecting the connection (not saying she can’t be nice, but more so like a professional than a girlfriend.). Whatever mind frame she has to put herself in to do her thing. Not knocking it at all.

      Because meeting with a companion is so commonplace, literally moving from the street corners to the internet, the stereotypes and negativity surrounding this industry will never dissipate. I guess the correlation between it and prom stems from hearing both the ladies and the gents bang their head against the wall between their desires and getting what they most need from the encounter. satisfaction.

      Thanks for reading, Chevalier.


  5. Just saw some of your thread on eccie. It was your comment on the thread about phone etiquette for men that got me. If you start out by saying, “I saw you on internets…” That literaly made me laugh out loud and check out your blog! You are awesome! Love, love love! Keep it up! I will definitly be a regular reader!

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