Ordinary People-Part Two

Do you know why a companion requires the compensation she requests? She is paid to see good qualities in you in a short time, and reward you accordingly. She is paid to relish in the sweetness you can muster up between football games and golf holes. We take your communications, break them down, and decipher your desires when you cannot or are too embarrassed to articulate them. This takes true talent. It’s a very admirable trait when a woman can sense a man’s needs, and no matter what they are, cater to them. I have said before that everyone sacrifices something important on their list of attributes when both choosing both a mate and a companion. But the point about having both is to complete the circle. To complete the man. Again, no thanks necessary. I don’t want to brand all hobbyists as lonely depraved fuddy-duddies, as there are happily married fuddy-duddies. But statistically speaking, there are more that aren’t as fortunate. I know men that have never had girlfriends, and their virginity was taken by working girls. I know people who have squandered their better years being unhappy with the people they spent them on, and a greater number of men that will continue to do so. Knowing that I have been there to create some kind of balance in their lives means a lot to me. You guys help me too. Being a companion is keeping me from being a slut.

Now I know this post does nothing to negate the feelings of those that are a little too close to their companions, but what can you do? Part of the problem with society is we don’t express ourselves enough. We express our disdain for the weather, traffic, and with our government. We show our pride in our children’s athletic prowess and artistic abilities. We have all these unused feelings of happiness and true elation that expressing our innermost desires bring, and all of one or a handful of women are there to experience this with you. It’s both enlightening and rare to find someone to let go with, so it’s easy to be enamored by this woman or women. But it’s a hard sell for companions who have significant others in their real lives or not looking to get involved with a client, I know. And we seek to gently remind fellas that fantasy is our only reality. And as companions, we have to understand that on a normal basis that it is hard for people, let alone men, to hyper-compartmentalize their lives like we’ve had to. Us ladies lead double and triple lives, and juggle the titles of soccer mom, wife, student and companion without blinking. This is such a messy human job we have, and we can only try to put things in perspective for them.  And one could argue that our patrons’ feelings are not our problem. But try saying that when you expect a guy to see you more than just a piece of meat. When you want him to see that your wit and intelligence make for a better encounter. More power to the ladies who just recognize your encounters for what they are: just a physical encounter. BUT we have to also accept the mental and emotional toll they have on us. No one is untouched when two people meet. I’m just a firm believer that ALL facets of life requires thought and balance, both from a lady’s and a gent’s perspective.

The place I notice the balance is needed the most is the place we get to express our disdain for the hands we’ve been dealt: the ‘ho board’. It’s an odd kind of purgatory where the people who actually need each other are at war over the obvious. YES, you have to pay for it. YES, you’ll do it for the money. NO, we will not be boyfriend and girlfriend once the exchange is over. YES, by society’s standards this makes us BOTH bad people. But can we do this and still see each other as women and men? If we understood that this industry is the great equalizer there would be less conversations on the boards. The questions about if women have lost all feelings in their nether regions because they’re being paid for sex would quit. The open insults about women that get paid for sex would be ignored. And so would the insults to men who don’t hate women.

See the funny thing is, we’re bashing each other only because we figure we’re both getting used. It’s a pity. Neither the ladies nor the gents will give in. For every guy that has a ‘mangina-esque’ thought about meeting companions, there is one that maybe HAS to simplify it in his mind in order to not have the same issues. But it’s hard to do when you have no outlet to express love, or don’t have the chance to talk to another person as honestly as you do when you’re with a companion in close quarters.

This arena has been centered for centuries around negative stereotypes and outlooks on life. We have the power to change that, instead of perpetuating the sadness we feel for our real lives onto something that should be a source of freedom for all involved. If you don’t respect working girls, clean yourself up, work on your shyness or crudeness, and get a girlfriend who will use that dildo on you, and be faithful. And on the same token, if selling your ass or your time makes you feel like less of a person, get a job or go back to school to get a trade. Your lack of initiative to make your life better causes you to look down on those who do. I’m just sayin’. If the shoe fits…

My point is this: we’ve all have to feel something. Just don’t feel sorry for yourself. We all have to do what we have to to feel good about ourselves. So what, you see companions? So what you ARE a companion? Continue to do what’s necessary to bring your life full circle. There are some of us who wish not to be single, or unloved, or companions, or transparent, but want the real thing. That myth of the way life is supposed to be. A guy. A girl. Well, maybe even a few of both. To be given that smile, that nod of recognition. Having someone other than your boss or your dog looking forward to seeing you the next day. We’re all ordinary people, who do extraordinary things. Especially to each other. I encourage you to bask in every opportunity you get to treat someone with the kindness you expect to receive.

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