Dallas is poppin’ this year, guys!

Just a reminder that I have Club seats to the Cowboys games this season, and I’m looking for a date. My first availability is on October 10th in Dallas against the Tennesse Titans. After that, November 21 against the Lions. They’re showing promise already, and I stand by my decision to support them this year. Hopefully they won’t fall so short. Mind you, I’m a gambler, and a fan of no one. But how do you live in a city with such a larger than life team and not be a part of it?

Also I have procured the Ovation series for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Pop Series tickets with Loge box seats for optimum sound for you music lovers. The Classic Series starts with Beethoven September 23, since my Kenny G and Gershwin tickets are no longer available, the Pop Series availability starts with Liza Minelli October 8! I’m so looking forward to seeing her in concert.

Liza Minelli at DSO in October!

And for you dance fans, Dallas Ballet Theater is performing the classics: Cinderella in October, and Nutcracker in December.

This is going to be a busy season, as there are some out of town venues that I hope to be available for as well. When my calendar shows more promise, I’ll post more. If travel is going to bring you to Dallas, I would hope to make it worth your stay. Until then…

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