And all that jazz…

Back from Kansas City, MO, and boy am impressed with the city! The last time I went I didn’t go in the tourist capacity, and it was just business. And not this one. So my ‘tour guide’ for the weekend made sure that our itineraries were full.

The highlights were the WWI museum and the Negro League Baseball/Jazz museum. Both were insightfully staged, and informative. A couple times, we both got teary eyed at the images, movies, and narratives, as we’re both lovers of history.

And the music! My feet never hurt so much. But the 5 inch platform pumps I was wearing didn’t help me either. Thankfully we were in the Plaza area, full of shops and food and night spots. We walked and shopped and ate  and danced til our hearts content. And the Spanish Colonial architecture was impressive. I appreciate my travel mate for being his romantic thoughtful self. His love of food, people and music make our times together so wonderful. Getaways like this bring out the best in a woman, if you know what I mean…

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