Hello again, everyone. Since this is the beginning of my blogging adventure, I hope it is always evident that I only seek to enlighten and encourage free thought amongst my peers and admirers.

I’m a Southern American lady from very humble beginnings. I’m not descended from anyone important or rich. I have an education from a good school which my parents didn’t have to pay for since I was SOO damn smart. The wonderful things I’ve experienced in life wasn’t payed for from a trust fund.

What I’ve noticed about our wonderful world is that these are the things that matter to most people. What you come from tells people how they should treat you. If they should treat you at all. But we all start somewhere, right? Even the forefathers of some of the wealthiest and well-known families started from nothing. And very few of those families’ subsequent generations have done much to build on them. As with most families, their ancestor’s notoriety served as a catalyst for their own notoriety.

But what about those of us who blaze our own paths in life? Those of us who are the firsts in our families? Especially in the sense of us companions. Do I HAVE to be some part European or educated in Europe or lived in Europe or raised by people who have European values to have value? Is my worth capped because of my family’s station in life?

My mission is to change the standard way of thinking. In my entire time as a companion, I have prided myself on not being an elitist, as more money never makes for a better date. The only thing I require of my gentlemen callers is understanding, respect and an open mind. I can’t change what attracts you to a lady physically. And if it’s not my skin color or my petite curvy womanly frame, more power to you. But once you’re past my outer beauty and in my company, I would hope that your mind is open enough to see that pedigree isn’t everything.

Here’s to a wonderful life filled with interesting people, beautiful experiences, and mind-opening lessons for us all.

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