Mozart awaits…

I have always enjoyed Classical music. And it’s true what they say about it enhancing thought. I studied to it in college, plays softly in the background during meetings at work, and Tchaikovsky can be quite romantic. This year I’ve bought 2010-11 Season tickets, and I’m excited about what’s in store. Lots of Brahms…awesome!

Next week it’s Mozart’s Serenade No.10 with a disarmingly charming gentleman I’ve been conversing with for some time now. He loves Cole Porter songs, literature, and busty Black girls with dimples (go figure!). It’s going to be a weekend full of great food, great concerts, and great company.

The new season starts in September if anyone would like to accompany me. I’m glad to share my Dallas Symphony Orchestra tickets with like-minded lovers of the Arts-and lovers of  large-chested Black women alike.

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