Getting Better…

My social life, as I call it, is requiring a level of marketing I’m not used to. More of a subtle ‘pushing’ rather than the hard nose facts. I’ve never had to market myself, really. And it’s bad that I never really gave it much thought before December. I didn’t participate ANYWHERE, didn’t place ads, or even pay for advertising. Everything that has happened to me is due to no special methods of my own, and for that I feel quite lucky. The experiences I’ve had and the people I have met over the last five years have been phenomenal to say the least. Who’s to say what will happen if I put my best foot forward? I’m HIGHLY optimistic.

I am very humble, quiet, intelligent, a people person, and to the contrary, a bit of a hermit. All of my life I have had my nose to the grindstone in one way or another and if I’m recognized it’s by my efforts alone. (I will talk about this more) Though I am a college graduate and somewhat a nerd, I consider myself a social scholar. I feel if we’re not learning about human kind, we’re only learning half the story. I’m a Gemini, so I adjust to my surroundings, and I’ve had the pleasure of surprising more than a few with my abilities- even myself!

I explain this, because one thing I’ve noticed in blogs like these, by women like me, they tend to sound like pomp if they aren’t, and don’t lend much to reality of most situations in our arena. I want those reading my words to understand that with this post and in those subsequent that I am humbled by my fortune in life, how grand or mediocre that may be to you, and I could only be so fortunate to be graced in some way by your being, and you by mine.

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